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I am a Christian Scientist and believe in freedom in all its forms. I work for the day when Canada and the USA can become one. Joined in freedom, the pursuit of freedom and freedom from tryanny. With an oil based economy, and the safe utilisation of Canadian and Alaskan oil reserves, the world will be a richer place, a more just place, and a place where all people's of the world, including French Speakers, can live in harmony.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A time for Freedom

My recent readings and discussions with fellow geologists and economists are leading me down a new path. Now is the time for 'out of the rig' thinking. We have the perfect opportunity to create wealth. Not just for the Combined peoples of North America, but for others. Oil trickles. And Oil Wealth flows.

It is pretty simple economics. The higher the price of oil. The more the demand grows.

High demand = greater efficiencies = One Slick Economy.